About Me

  • My name is Meg Gallugi and I am the founder of DogSPEAKTraining. I like to think of myself as a “relationship based” trainer. Helping clients better communicate and understand their dog.


More About Me


Positive force-free and fun training that builds a mutual relationship based on trust and respect



  • "I learned so much from Meg after having behavioral difficulties with my new dog. Meg's ability to connect with dogs is amazing. She knows so much about how/why dogs act the way which helped me understand my dog so much better! She changed our lives!!"
    Kerriann L
  • "Meg was a huge help with my dog Milo... Milo was very protective of me when I had company over and would not let anyone sit next to me on the couch.  Meg taught me exactly what to do to prevent this behavior from continuing and worked with us and fixed this problem in just a couple of sessions... I highly encourage anyone having problems  with their dog to contact Meg and use her fun filled approach to dog training."
    Nick E
  • "Meg is an incredible dog trainer. My dog, Ivy, was previously dog reactive. Meg has helped Ivy and I learn to be more comfortable around other dogs. She was extremely patient, perceptive, and loving throughout our training experience. Dogs are truly her passion, and it is reflected in the caliber of her dog training programs. If you are experiencing any behavioral issues with your dog and/or want your dog to be the best version of themselves, schedule an appointment with Meg today!"
    Madeline C
  • "Meg helped me immeasurably with my rescue dog, Mischa. Mischa became dog reactive after being attacked twice by another dog. Meg's focus on positive training, in conjunction with her emphasis on patience and consistency, has helped me to help Mischa be the best she dog she can be. Mischa even has dog friends now!"
    Meg M